Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse & Logistics Management have been treated as backbone of supply chain and it integrates complex processes in real-time. Logistics industry combines all requirements of services into a solution that enhances flexibility, optimizes the process, and increases operational efficiency at a minimal cost.

Logistic ERP software

Logistic ERP Software provides an innovative way of organizing, shipping and transporting goods with convenience. This system is systematically developed and is applicable for wholesale and retail stores and other distribution businesses. Complex cargo processes also get planned with this software. ACGIL is the leading providers of the web-based solution across the industry.

Listed features are included while developing the solution:

  • Ensure effective management of stored goods.
  • Provide tracking the serial number
  • Transportation facility i.e, providing suitable vehicle for transferring goods.
  • Ensuring hassle free freight forwarding.
  • Offers packaging services to the goods to be transferred.
  • Proper listing of containers in terms of product weighing and barcode reading.
  • Provide in-built functionality to the internal operations so that business gets automated.

ERP cloud system apart from logistics services it also includes warehouse operations such as timely packaging, loading, picks up and drops facility can be given to the companies. The best ERP for warehouse and logistics industry opens the way of success in terms of productivity and profitability, monitoring and managing the cargo movement, accounts, and finance department.

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