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Manufacturing ERP

Cloud-Based ERP Software

Mx-ERP is a completely integrated manufacturing system which is based on a single database, it helps in running a business by fulfilling operational requirements. Online manufacturing ERP software works for multiple systems efficiently.
The main business area that Mx-ERP takes care of -

  • Product Planning & Purchase
  • Production Planning
  • Pre Sales & Sales
  • Material Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Payment
  • Finance

Web-based ERP software or Mx-ERP is designed to handle various departments in an organization. Online ERP software helps to overcome different manufacturing challenges, helps to maximize efficiency, eliminate downtime, improves manufacturing performance, and supply chain management.

Let's have an insight into the functional area in a manufacturing company

  1. Finance & Accounting (GST Enabled): ERP software provider takes care of ledger, fixed assets, payables including vouchers, receivable cash management, cash collections, and financial consolidation.
  2. Management Accounting: It takes care of forecasting, budgeting, and cost management.
  3. Human Resource Management: This department focuses on recruiting, training, payroll, benefits, appraisal and leave management.
  4. Manufacturing: It includes a bill of quantities, job work orders, production process, production scheduling as per delivery requirements, and quality control.
  5. Order Processing: This helps in processing order to cash, order entry, credit checking, pricing, inventory, dispatch, and sales reporting.
  6. Supply Chain Management: This helps in supply planning, scheduling, purchasing, warehousing( receiving, putaway, and packing) of the products.
  7. Project Management: It acts as an integral part of web-based ERP software for having production with installation and commissioning as part of their business. It offers resource planning to understand that getting any ERP software implementation means it will bring significant changes to staff work habits and practices. It is always argued that implementation time is too long and parties tend to delay the timing, project costing, work breakdown structure, billing time and expense, and performance management.
  8. Data Services: The Integrated online system offers all employees, vendors, and clients information access through cloud hosted modules.
Manufacturing ERP module

Implementing Mx-ERP

Implementation of any software means it will bring significant changes to the staff work habit and the practices. Ensuring successful implementation starts with consulting stakeholders and SRS development, developing functional and technical documents followed by customization and users' support around the year. It is estimated that implementation time tends to be long and parties delay the process.

Manufacturing good understanding of the needed process needed prior to starting implementation. There may be some obstacles on the way because of limited motivation or training. It becomes, therefore, disorganization has an opinion and suggests that all stakeholders must create all Some key features are listed below:documents and ERP delivery scope. As a fact, time of implementation would change as it depends on a number of units in business, a number of modules included in ERP scope, required the amount of customization and the readiness of users.


Configuring an Mx-ERP is largely is a matter of balancing the way the organization wants the system to work around them rather than they work around the ERP system. Mx-ERP includes many settings that modify system operations such as the selection of the type of inventory accounting, FIFO or LIFO or weighted average.

Other Advantages

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