Lead Management

lead Management

Lead Management is the process of managing leads, keeping records of their activities, approving the qualified leads, preparing them for sales and forwarding them to the sales team. As customers become more interested, they tend to inquire about the product and services through marketing tactics. This results in the generation of leads, the number of customers approach more leads to generate.

Lead Management System is beneficial for gathering information and streamlines inquiries. This CRM Software Solution automates sales tasks and saves time by operating faster. Since all the work process has become systematically digital, there is no pressure for maintaining paper files and manual work. All files and data are stored electronically and can be easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Online ERP Software enables quick mail inquiry, sends mail, backs up the follow-up calls, record calls, helps in identifying potential prospects and also checks on cold calls, converts more into hot leads. ERP for Manufacturing Software filters out the matured lead contacts customers and categorizes marketing plans.

  • Enter Sales Inquiries
  • Inquiry Tracking / Follow-up
  • Scheduled Activities
  • Close Inquiry
  • Summary of Pending Inquiries (Report)
  • Pending Inquiries Tracking (Report)
  • Inquiry Status - for a given date range (Report)
  • Inquiry Statistics - Summary for a given date range (Report)

Manufacturing ERP Software allows a number of streamlined lead lifecycle, it means that not a single lead is left unattended and is followed up thoroughly to grab the chance of converting those leads into deals. It filters the non-profit and non-promising leads and saves the time of the management to focus on matured leads. With Online Lead Management Software it is possible to track down the return of investment of leads from various marketing sources. It allows the proper insight to improve business campaigns, and gets the sources that can generate more leads into the business.

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