HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll Management

Payroll Module for ERP consists of calculation of payments to employees for their work and makes it easier to access their personal information as well. It is usually based on time, productivity, benefits, and statutory deductions. The human resource department must sure that employees are paid on time, it boosts their efficiency towards work and the company. Felicitations and awards ensure that staffs are happy and perform for a longer period of time. HR must handle this work appropriately.

Payroll calculation is difficult to process that differs from company to company. Every company has its own payroll structure, location-specific laws such as labor welfare act, Payment of salary and wages act, etc. Under the minimum wages act, the employees are provided mandatory salary components such as Basic, DA, and HRA.

The HR department has burden regarding account issues of employees and workload such as payroll, employee training, etc. This task includes lots of manual and paperwork. To ease this process, ACGIL has developed a unique payroll software that can calculate automatically and reduces the burden of accounting and provides accurate payment status.

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