ERP Management Solution

ERP Management Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates essential business functions such as inventory, order management, accounting, human resource, construction, CRM etc, into a single system to streamline processes and information across the complete organization.

Construction ERP Software is an advanced technology with an integrated system, it incorporates documents, contents, and business management process capabilities. ERP for Construction unifies accounting, financial management, payroll, projects, and service operations into a single database system. It technically saves all information related to the construction business and eliminates the manual and paperwork.

Online ERP Software helps managers to implement plans for successful construction projects, it keeps track from the onset of the work till the completion of the project. ERP for Construction Company provides accurate and real-time information about the financial and operational data, automates the construction process efficiently, it can also handle the data and tracks the operational deficiencies across the department.

ACG Infotech Limited provides Cloud Based ERP Solutions for various sectors like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, buying house, etc. An enterprise planning system assists the organizations in integrating processes and assimilating data in a single location. It includes different modules that cover all functional areas. Implementing ERP software takes lots of patience, skills, and dedication to work.

ERP for Construction is advanced software which takes care of the information related to the cost of projects, productivity and revenue generation.

ERP for Manufacturing is the software designed to create transparency in the operational activity of the manufacturing industry, reduces the chances of errors and duplication of data.

ERP for Calibration provides standardization of measuring instruments, efficiently saves time in the management of clients, business services, billings, etc.

ERP for buying house is the cloud-based software seamlessly integrates various online platforms connecting buying agencies with their buyers, factories, couriers and shipment companies.

ERP for retail is the software developed by modules including purchase, account payable, order entry, accounts receivable and distribution. This software changes the basics of retail business into an operational system that has been merged with merchandise and stock management. Trading ERP software is created in regards to the buying & selling process of traders, to regulate & track their business operations and to maximize sales revenue at the same time.

ERP for pharma & chemicals provides another means of accessing entire sales, production & quality documentation and material requirements planning information from a single source.

Features :
  • ERP for Mobile functionality allows accessing software program that connects mobile devices to the ERP system.
  • ERP manufacturing module reduces cost-efficiently
  • ERP system with a financial component fulfills the company's financial requirements, tax, banking, payments, and accounting.
  • ERP for HR manages the employees onboard or offboard, handles payrolls, benefits, etc.
  • ERP software integrates all business processes throughout departments.
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