Distribution Management

Distribution Management

ACGIL proudly introduces a powerful distribution ERP Software that organizes the entire administration of the firm, this optimally maintains inventory, ensure fast movement of goods along with offering sound customer relationship Management. It has a sophisticated structure that offers proper and end-to-end supply chain management. Preferred ERP is adequately developed keeping in mind the requirements customer relationship management, in-depth supply chain, and warehouse management.

Objectives of Distribution ERP are:
  • Effective pricing and on-time order fulfillment
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Maintain routing and shipping of goods
  • Warehouse maintenance functionality
Key Benefits:
  • Allows item tracking and identify cost associated with goods
  • Promote sales analysis necessary for customer demand analysis and market planning
  • Always provide a mechanism for on-time order fulfillment, sales force automation and customer relationship management
  • A completely automated system facilitates effective shipping operations

The Core of Proposed MX-ERP
Sales Management

  • Pre Sales Activities
  • Conveyance Claim/Reimbursement Management
  • CRM
  • Sales & Dispatch

Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse Management
  • Distribution & Commission Management

Material Management

  • Material Requirement Planning

Generics Management

  • Purchase Module
  • Vendors Management
  • Inventory Module
  • HR Management
  • Time Office & Payroll Management
  • Finance & Accounting

Application Administration

  • Admin and Security Management

Key modules of the application

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