Calibration & Testing Labs

ERP for Calibration and Testing Labs

To standardize the measuring instrument, a Calibration Software module is helpful for the user. This software matches the international level of traceability. It is obtained by preset templets that relate values indicated by the measuring instruments. Then it compares against a standard to find the deviation. All reports will be automated, fast and accurate and can be sent through email if needed.

Calibration Management Software

The user has the option to install the ERP on a cloud server provided by ACGIL. The range of this test is dynamic and has various dimensions such as thermal, force and pressure, mass and volume, mechanical, electromechanical, analytical, high volume sampler, etc. Calibration Management Software provides efficiency and saves the loss of time in managing customers and business-related services. This software is based on real-time problems faced by calibration laboratories, who are accredited by NABL for ISO-1725 measurement technology and metrology is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration star for calibration activity.

Some common Calibration services covered by our software-
  • Thermal calibration
  • Mechanical calibration services
  • Dimensional metrology calibration
  • Electrotechnical calibration
  • Analytical calibration

ERP for Testing Labs

The software provided by ACG Infotech Limitedcan ensure that the End users have access to world-class testing software in the fields of mechanical, physical, chemical, and electrical testing. The list of tests is endless and includes that for building, chemicals, textiles, leather, polymers, paper, food, pharma and environmental etc. The tests are conducted in standard dynamic format or templates as per various standards like IS, ASTM, APHA, BS, EN, ISO.

Also given below are the common testing services provided by labs are also covered in our software:

Hardline & Softline Testing, Refractory Materials, Polymers and Rubber Testing, Wood and Furniture Testing, Electrical Testing, Metals & Alloys Testing, Mechanical Testing, Welded Structure, Corrosion Testing, Hazardous Substance, Metallographic Testing Services, Failure Analysis, Residual Life Assessment, NDT, Structural & Building Testing, Paint & Coating Evaluation Testing, Coal Testing, Building Materials Testing, Soil Testing Services, Minerals & Ores Testing Services, Petroleum Products Testing, Microbiology Testing, Paper and Packaging Materials, Environmental Monitoring
Water Testing, Cosmetics Testing, Food & Agro Products

Some Unique Features:

Our Calibration Lab Software is one such kind first time in the world. Thanks our R & D team for their innovative ideas to come up with a mechanism of generating or adding any amount of tests as per their growing demand. The software has the library of the formulae or functions, which will help the end users to create set of calculations from inbuilt library. This can be safely said that our software has no boundary when it comes to adding any type of test for your laboratory.

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