Cab Management

Cab Management

Apart from the services and products, ACG Infotech Limited is also offering cab services for your cab management business. Cab administration is all about providing convenience to the customers to have easy bookings for their travels. From advance booking to final dispatch, each and every activity is controlled with the use of Cab Management ERP Software that facilitates all cab operations. This is easy to use and user-friendly solution empowers businesses to have proper visibility of the locations to provide real-time availability of transport.

Our ERP for Cab Management is available with web-based or cloud-hosted operating platforms. It is a highly sophisticated system proposed to promote car business in order to effectively organize booking, dispatch, vehicles availability, accounting, billing and report generating activities.

Further, we also alter functionality and modules in the system for meeting the requirement list of individuals as well as a growing market. As technology grows, the demand for ERP is also spreading its wing across the entire industry which results in making business more organize and visible.

ERP Solution for Cab Facilities from ACGIL offers to the clients a customizes and enhanced software solution that assists middle as well as large organizations in reducing their operational costs and improving profitability by maintaining each operational activity.

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